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Established in 2011, Novum Energy is a global energy trading and logistics group established in Houston, USA, and with offices in Latin America, Europe and Asia. Novum bridges the physical energy supply chain by connecting producers with users, catering to the unique needs of its counterparties by providing innovative solutions.  With a firm foundation in the distribution of crude and fuel oil, the Group has been branching out into additional energy products including gasoline and distillates.

Novum is made up of several corporations and holding companies established throughout North and South America.

Novum Energy Trading Corp. (NETC) was established as a Physical Oil Trader in February of 2011, with Alfredo Vilas as Founder and President.  Novum began by supplying HSD and HFO to various power generators in the Caribbean, including Generadora San Felipe.

Since its inception, Novum has remained true to its primary principles of teamwork and entrepreneurism and delivered on its initial business plan of achieving organic growth through the addition of experienced industry specialists, along with a policy of reinvesting a substantial portion of profits back into the business.

In 2020, the Novum group moved more than 18.7 million barrels of oil products, generating a gross profit of $1.70 per barrel.  In August 2020, Novum Energy Trading Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore, beginning trading in the Asian markets.  Mpya Energy Trading Kenya Ltd (“Novum Kenya”) and Mpya Energy Trading Uganda Limited (“Novum Uganda”) were registered in September and October 2019 respectively, completing the first truck sale across East Africa as well as distillate cargo sales from Europe to the US and WAF.  In 2021, Novum opened an office in London.

In 2022, new gasoline traders were employed in Houston to open up opportunities across the globe.  We will continue to grow the company by carefully implementing a strict risk management philosophy whilst maintaining a close relationship with our business partners worldwide.


We understand the distillates, fuel oil, and gasoline industries on a global scale, and exploit our experience in energy products and international relationships for the benefit of our clients.


The Novum team has years of expertise in trading energy products and works hard to understand the client’s needs through every step of every transaction.

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