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Corporate Social Responsibility & the Novum Foundation

Novum Energy is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility and strives to create a positive and lasting impact in the communities where we operate. We believe in supporting vulnerable individuals and leveraging our resources to drive positive change. To achieve this mission, we have established various initiatives, including cultural, recreational, and philanthropic programs that benefit local communities. Additionally, we foster a culture of giving among our employees, encouraging them to engage in meaningful philanthropic work that extends beyond our daily business operations.

The Novum Foundation

As we continue to expand our global footprint, we recognize the importance of formalizing our approach to charitable activities and contributions. With this goal in mind, we have brought in an industry expert within the not-for-profit sector to lead our social and charitable responsibilities, leading to the establishment of the Novum Foundation. This foundation operates independently and receives a fixed proportion of our company's profits to support charitable initiatives in the communities where we operate worldwide.

We are proud to share that within its initial months of operation, the Novum Foundation has already made a significant impact by supporting several nonprofit organizations in the United States, the Dominican Republic,  Mexico, and Argentina.

These organizations include:

United States

Elijah’s Retreat - Jacksonville, TX

In the heart of 2023, a profound partnership unfolded as the Novum Foundation extended its support to Elijah's Retreat in Jacksonville, TX. Elijah's Retreat stands as a sanctuary designed for families with children navigating the challenges of autism, offering them an idyllic haven to rejuvenate, bond and cultivate connections with other families treading similar paths. This haven, shielded from the unforgiving gaze of society, not only fosters a nurturing environment but also facilitates holistic growth within these families. Against the backdrop of this oasis, understanding flourishes, freeing families to embrace their journey with autism wholeheartedly. The retreat's diverse array of enriching activities, from equine therapy and petting zoos to sensory gardens and hiking trails, seamlessly integrates families into the natural world, providing respite from the clutches of technology.

The grant bestowed by the Novum Foundation bore a remarkable purpose – to erect the sixth and final cabin of Elijah's Retreat, a pivotal endeavor to accommodate the burgeoning demand. With waitlists stretching long and yearly spots filling in a matter of moments, this opportunity burgeoned into a transformative force, poised to impact the lives of countless families. By adding space for an additional 80 families annually, the final cabin will usher Elijah’s Retreat into the next phase of their outreach and development. As the pages of collaboration turned, the vision transcended mere accommodation; the Novum Net-Zero Cabin materialized. This cabin not only prioritizes energy efficiency, but also takes a stride towards environmental responsibility. Solar panels adorning the cabin stand as emblems of sustainability, injecting the farm with surplus energy while curbing carbon emissions. In an era of high energy demand, this undertaking lays the cornerstone for a renewable-powered future, where families find solace in Elijah's Retreat while simultaneously advancing a greener, more conscious world. 

pARTnerschools - Houston, TX

The innovative collaboration between the Novum Foundation and pARTnerschools, a Houston-based nonprofit, is a concerted effort to combat the unfortunate reduction of art programs in Houston's public schools. By uniting with seasoned artists and instructors, this project invites students aged 6-12 to unleash their creative potential through the creation of unique artistic buckets, followed by immersive drumming lessons. This initiative promises to benefit 500 children over the course of a year, rekindling the flame of artistic expression in their education.

Instituto Nueva Escuela - Puerto Rico

The grant awarded to Instituto Nueva Escuela (INE) in Puerto Rico is dedicated to launching the "INE en el Oeste" Center (INE in the West), a visionary project aimed at tackling the educational challenges in the Western region of the island. The core of this initiative is to empower 15 public school teachers through Montessori certification courses and transform the educational landscape by outfitting classrooms with essential Montessori materials. The ultimate goal is to expand the Montessori model in an underperforming region. The grant funding will be strategically allocated for procuring Montessori classroom materials and facilitating certification courses, resulting in the establishment of 15 new Montessori classrooms in public schools. Anticipated outcomes encompass a substantial surge in Montessori school enrollments and the enhanced satisfaction of families with the quality of education provided. Rigorous evaluation methodologies, including surveys, interviews, observations, and statistical analysis, will be employed to gauge the success and impact of this transformative endeavor.

Mumas Renaciendo - Puerto Rico

Powered by a grant from the Novum Foundation, the Mumas Emprenden Program is a transformative initiative empowering economically disadvantaged women in northwestern Puerto Rico. Comprising three essential phases—emotional intelligence workshops, sewing and design training, and business plan development—the program's goal is to train 10 women as proficient seamstresses, equipping them with the means to secure employment or launch their entrepreneurial ventures. The program envisions participants achieving an annual income of $15,000 to $20,000 by July 2024, fostering financial independence. By imparting vital skills and entrepreneurial spirit, Mumas Emprenden aims to break the cycle of dependency, uplifting women and fostering positive change in their lives and communities.

Monte Azul - Puerto Rico

A grant awarded to Monte Azul by the Novum Foundation will fully sponsor the “Incubating Sustainable Farmers” program. This program is pivotal in addressing Puerto Rico's demand for sustainable food sources by providing participants with essential skills in farming practices. The 8-week Agricultural Entrepreneurship 101 course as a key component of their Academy of Sustainable Agriculture and Innovation. Supervised by a licensed agronomist, the course targets five cohorts of 35 participants each in 2024, with the aim of achieving a high graduation rate and facilitating a smooth transition to the Farm Incubation or Accelerator Program.

Dominican Republic

The Bienvenido Project - Santo Domingo

The Novum Foundation’s partnership with Bienvenido promises full educational scholarships to 85 disadvantaged children and teenagers aged 3 to 21 in Bienvenido. The project aims to break the cycle of poverty and limited opportunities, addressing challenges such as undernutrition and a lack of quality education. In addition to financial support, the project focuses on enhancing educational facilities and resources to create an environment conducive to growth and learning. The ultimate goal is to ensure that each child and teenager reaches their educational potential and is well-prepared for the competitive world beyond their community. The grant plays a pivotal role in realizing this vision by funding scholarships, essential materials, and educational space improvements, ultimately paving the way for a brighter future for these resilient young individuals.

Innovación Ortopedica - Santo Domingo

The Novum Foundation has awarded a grant to Innovacion Ortopedica Sin Límites to provide prostheses and orthotics services in the Dominican Republic. Our grant covers imported components, materials, and social assistance. This funding addresses the regional shortage of such services, offering tailor-made devices for diverse needs. Thorough patient evaluations ensure financial barriers don't hinder access. Beyond physical assistance, the foundation supports patients' reintegration into society through training and mentoring. This grant is crucial for expanding impact, helping individuals regain self-esteem, mental health, and contribute meaningfully to their communities. The Novum Foundation is proud to support this transformative project and looks forward to its positive outcomes.


Fundación Multipolar

In collaboration with Fundación Multipolar, Novum is dedicated to advancing the "Centro de Formación para el Empleo" program in Buenos Aires City. This initiative is geared towards assisting 100 homeless individuals by not only providing immediate support but also developing a replicable model that can be extended to other locations. By combining resources for program funding, research, data analysis and the training of a proficient team, this partnership seeks to directly enhance the lives of program participants. The ultimate goal is to pave the way for potential global implementation, thereby playing a crucial role in addressing homelessness on a larger scale.

Mensajeros de la Paz

Through the backing of the Novum Foundation, the Colibríes group home, spearheaded by Mensajeros de la Paz, is creating a powerful impact. Focused on 25 foster youth in Buenos Aires City and Province who have experienced family separation due to human rights violations, this project is deeply committed to their well-being. Through a comprehensive strategy, it enhances infrastructure, introduces therapeutic interventions, supplies vital educational tools and secures essential healthcare services.

Sumando Manos

In partnership with Sumando Manos, the Novum Foundation is driving transformative change across four communities with an ingenious apiculture initiative. This project not only provides essential beehives and equipment but also imparts comprehensive training in honey production. This freshly harvested honey serves as a valuable commodity that can be sold, thereby fostering self-reliance and simultaneously replenishing vital bee populations. This approach paves the way for economic progress and empowers these communities to flourish independently while nurturing the growth of their local ecosystems.


Fundacion John Langdon Down

The Novum Foundation’s partnership provides comprehensive educational, medical and psychological care to 65 children and youth with Down syndrome who come from economically disadvantaged families. This initiative revolves around creating an all-encompassing educational environment that focuses on nurturing the students’ physical, intellectual and social development. Through engaging classes and activities, supplemented by psychological support and medical attention, the project aims to enhance the overall well-being of these individuals. This grant is not only transforming the lives of the recipients but also supporting their families with critical education on proper Down syndrome care, contributing to a brighter and more promising future.

Ojos Que Sienten

Novum Foundation's support for Ojos Que Sienten's "Training for the Social Inclusion of Individuals with Visual Disabilities 2023" project is making a meaningful impact. By empowering 44 individuals with visual impairments through sensory photography instruction, job training and personal growth sessions, the project is fostering their artistic expression, inclusion and equal opportunities. The grant covers specialized materials, dedicated instructors and public engagement activities, all of which contribute to a society that embraces inclusivity and values the unique skills and contributions of individuals with visual disabilities. Through assessment and public showcases, the project strives to create a more integrated and accepting community.

Corporate Philanthropy

In addition to the Novum Foundation's efforts, Novum Energy continues to support exceptional organizations through corporate philanthropy. These organizations include:

●    Houston Museum of Natural Science: Novum proudly partners with the Houston Museum of Natural Science in their mission to preserve and advance the general knowledge of natural science while maintaining and promoting a top-class museum. As a co-sponsor of the new exhibit, "Sharks! The Meg, The Monsters & The Myths," we actively engage our community in science education.

●    Mission Squash: Novum's support empowers students from under-served communities in Houston, USA, through intensive, year-round academic, wellness, and enrichment programs. Our collaboration with Mission Squash includes programming on academic intervention, high school access, college matriculation, and college persistence. To date, 100% of Mission Squash's 72 scholars pass their academic classes, 100% apply and are accepted to a four-year college or university, and 100% have matriculated into a post-secondary program.

●    Houston Grand Opera: Headquartered in Houston, Novum is a major donor to the Houston Grand Opera, one of the country's premier opera houses located in the second largest theater district in the United States. In addition to general support, Novum has underwritten the production of the Mariachi opera, "El Pasado Nunca Se Termina," helping to bring diverse voices to the opera world.

●    Autism Speaks: Novum actively participates in Autism Speaks fundraising events and sponsors the annual Autism Speaks Run to raise awareness for autism and support scientific research into autism spectrum disorders.

●    ReelAbilities: Novum supports ReelAbilities, Houston's free festival dedicated to presenting films, art exhibitions, performances, and speakers that celebrate the lives, stories, and talents of people with disabilities. Our partnership enriches Houston's culture, diversity, and inclusion efforts.

●    Project Niger: Novum supports Project Niger, a Spain-based NGO that builds schools and infrastructure in rural Niger while promoting communication between schools in Spain and Niger. This vital infrastructure development in rural Niger aims to address the educational needs of underserved communities, creating safe and conducive learning environments for children who previously lacked access to quality education. By investing in schools and infrastructure, we are empowering future generations and helping to break the cycle of poverty. Additionally, initiative encourages pupils to discover new cultures and fosters a sense of global understanding.

Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Novum Energy's commitment to corporate social responsibility and responsible initiatives is unwavering. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities where we operate and look forward to continuing our efforts for many years to come.